We are a bar, basically. The kind that smells of coffee and freshly cut flowers. Where cleverly designed things meet the love-worn details, like our signature orange mugs. Because we care, our approach is very very local. Everything we offer, comes from our friends. Or their friends. We have faith in fun talks and simple pleasures. This city and its visitors deserve something good, something real. In the morning we go to the farmers market to cook you a soup. We are believers in how it used to be, but in a sleek new way. We have a soft spot for Slovenian craft beers, nice wines and all sorts of creative types. We do our own cold brew coffee, too. It is called Ruster, and if you want to take it home, it also comes in a bottle. We are big outside, comfy inside. Very happy, that in this part of Ljubljana the sun almost always shines. Trully proud, that the river is always by our side.